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About Us

Fashion for the feminine genius. Celebrating women through style.


Celebrating the stages of motherhood through style.


Dressing today’s dynamic woman for all she needs to do.


Inspiring feminine elegance in formal wear.

Hello Ladies!

We are Pat and Margaux, two young moms who want to celebrate the feminine genius through fashion. We are raising two small children each and growing two brands together (Coral Swimwear and Pearl Clothing) as business partners. Being moms and entrepreneurs has taught us that women are capable of amazing things... especially when we make ourselves a gift to others, and when we use our unique qualities, talents, and skills to make the world a better place. We want to create a clothing brand that celebrates precisely that.

So who is the feminine genius in 2018?  

She may be a student or a professional who sees her work not just as a job, but as a mission. She doesn’t just dream of making a difference... she gets up, dresses up, and shows up to do it. She walks her talk, and works hard to make things happen.

We want to provide her with stylish staples for every appointment on her agenda.

She may be a new mama who has discovered that that motherhood is not limiting but empowering. She finds fulfillment in nurturing her children, caring for her home, and whatever else she may have on her full plate. She knows that the juggle is real, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

We want to celebrate this mama, and whatever stage she is at... by providing her with clothing she can wear with confidence, for pregnancy, nursing, and after.

She may be the woman who loves to dress up. She looks forward to special occasions because she loves to celebrate her family and her friendships. She sees these events as opportunities to connect, to share time, to enjoy life with those whom she loves and serves.

We want to give her shining moment, with formal wear that is elegant, fun, and unapologetically feminine.

So who is the feminine genius?

She is you! ;)


Pat and Margaux