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SEPTEMBER 2019 Downloadable

Hello, ladies,

When today's times call for today's modern women to be "strong and independent", we ask ourselves what it truly means to be one.

Perhaps one of the common misinterpretations of becoming a strong and independent woman is downplaying our gentler nature, our being soft and emotional. But what the feminine genius reminds us is this:
  • That we must celebrate the multiple facets of our womanhood. We are at once a mother, a career woman, a wife, sister, daughter, and more!)
  • Gentleness that is anchored in our inner strength is our true power. 
  • The more we are attuned to our innate characteristics as a woman, the more we are empowered and can empower others. Our innate characteristics as women include: beauty, intuition, uniqueness, receptivity, empathy, generosity, and strength.

You can speak to a child who is feeling afraid or throwing a tantrum with gentleness, and to do so doesn't mean giving in or letting your child have his or her way. You can be firm with your words and have strong conviction in your values, and at the same time, still speak and act with gentleness that comes from a place of understanding and compassion. And we think that's true strength!

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