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JUNE 2019 Downloadable

Dear Mamas,

2019 has gone so fast--we're already halfway through! Now is the perfect time to take a look back at what has transpired so far.

Think of the blessings to be thankful for, especially the unexpected moments that caught you off-guard, but turned out to be pleasant surprises in the end.

What about the people you’ve met, places you've stumbled upon, and new things you've tried but never thought you would? Such instances urge us to leave some space in our lives for surprises. :)

Look back and remember the challenges you've overcome so far, not for the difficulties, but as a reminder that you are one strong woman and that whatever struggle you find yourself in, always tell yourself that "this too, shall pass" and seek what lesson you can learn from it!

We hope this wallpaper can serve as a reminder this month to take time and let things grow and prosper in its own time. Put in the work, and trust in God's love and providence for you, and make each day count :) We're rooting for you, ladies!

1. Download wallpaper designs on your desktop or mobile. (DOWNLOAD LINK)
2. Set the design as your wallpaper. It's that easy!

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