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JULY 2019 Downloadable

Hello, ladies!

We're thrilled to have launched yet another Pearl Mama collection, and we hope you've already shopped your favorites! :) As we always say, our goal for the brand is to be able to provide you with fashionable pieces to wear to every stage of womanhood you're in.

We want you to remember to cherish whatever phase you are in your journey right now :) Embrace the stage of womanhood you are experiencing, as it is where you are called to be. Your inner beauty is revealed when you are your most authentic self. Veer away from distractions and take the quiet time to pray and reflect so you are always brought back to your true purpose and calling.

We hope this quote will remind you of that ;)

1. Download wallpaper designs on your desktop or mobile. (DOWNLOAD LINK)
2. Set the design as your wallpaper. It's that easy!

The Pearl Clothing Team

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