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JANUARY 2019 Downloadable


Happy 2019, ladies! May we greet the year filled with hope and a new sense of purpose, ready to make significant changes in our lives and others.

This month, we challenge you to take your work and daily tasks to the next level. More than simply checking off lists and meeting deadlines, make it a goal to work towards making a positive impact with you do. How must you change or adjust in your different roles as a woman? What are the things to improve on? How can you make the work that you do more meaningful, and one that inspires other women, too?

We invite you to re-align with yourself: discover or remember your purpose, your role, and your reason for being here in this world. And finally, hustle with heart. Churn out work that comes from a full and passionate heart, one where you cherish and take pride in the process, and one that pays forward.

1. Download wallpaper designs on your desktop or mobile. (DOWNLOAD LINK)
2. Set the design as your wallpaper. It's that easy! 

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  1. avatar Charisma says:

    Love the style!

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