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Multi-tasking Outfits For The Busiest Time Of The Year

Hello, ladies! We know the most wonderful time of the year also happens to be the busiest, and so these days, we see ourselves gravitating more towards multi-tasking outfits.

These are the clothes that keep us comfortable and beautiful as we accomplish our tasks on the daily and attend to the different holiday occasions!
Take a look at our picks:


Here are day-to-night pieces that’s appropriate for both the boss lady, and the girl who can't wait to see her high school friends for a reunion dinner!


From the traffic to the mall crowd and the long lines, we know it can get pretty stressful. We strongly suggest an outfit you’ll look and feel good in as you go through the whole ordeal of shopping for your loved ones!


There's nothing we love more than family and food! Through all the kwentos, the gift-giving, and making the most of family time (without noticing the trips you've made back and forth the buffet table!), we picked these outfits that are both preggy belly and food-baby friendly.

Have a great holiday and happy shopping!

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