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Easy Nursing- And Preggy-Friendly Styles From Pearl Mama 2019

Our brand has always been about celebrating womanhood through style, and we are proud to say that each Pearl Mama collection is a testament to that. After all, as we always say, becoming a mother shouldn't stop you from feeling fabulous--in fact, it will only make your true beauty shine more ;)

Our co-founder and designer Margaux shares that she intentionally chose to work on lightweight and easy-to-wear fabrics. We took this into consideration knowing that when you're busy running errands and caring for your baby (especially when you're pregnant) we know you might feel warmer or more uncomfortable than usual!

Below are several of our Pearl Mama 2019 styles, each highlighting the mama-friendly features. Hope this can help you with shopping!

The super stylish SOPHIA and SIERRA tops have a unique structured silhouette and hidden side zippers for nursing access.

The LILIAN floral top is breezy and flowy, and you can either untie the ribbon straps for nursing access or slip your baby under ;) Its loose fit also allows you to wear this even while you're pregnant, and after!

We've designed the MAKAYLA jumpsuit and the blue-gray MORGAN dress with invisible front zippers so you can breastfeed comfortably. These styles are also intentionally loose to accommodate different belly sizes! Do you prefer a jumpsuit or a dress? Take your pick!

We make sure our styles can be worn even after pregnancy and nursing, and even if you're not a mom! These casual dresses are designed to fit whatever stage you're in.

The wrap style of the REBECCA allows for easy breastfeeding, and the ISABELLA has invisible zippers on the raglan cuts for nursing access.

The ELIZABETH is the perfect baptism/dedication dress and has a front tie design and a garterized tube inside for easy nursing access; while the BRIANNA has subtle side zippers for breastfeeding. Both dresses come in a loose silhouette for preggy mamas, and they are lovely to wear post-pregnancy, too.

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