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APRIL 2019 Downloadable

Happy Easter, ladies! We hope you've had a meaningful Holy Week. We are thankful for the short break from work, which gave us time to reflect, rest, and spend more time with family and in prayer.

Easter is celebrates our new life and the Lord's resurrection. We celebrate the triumph over sin and the hope that this gives us everyday. Let today be a reminder that you are stronger than your mistakes, your fears, your insecurities and whatever holds you back. A grace and love exists that has the power to make all things new. :) Trust in a God who loves you and always live with hope.

May this wallpaper quote remind you that goodness will always find its way into the light.

1. Download wallpaper designs on your desktop or mobile. (DOWNLOAD LINK)
2. Set the design as your wallpaper. It's that easy! 

The Pearl Clothing Team

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